Commercial Factor Heifer Calf - What a beauty!

GRH 10X Lucy 24Z
Factor 10X daughter in production!

Boyd Masterpiece 0220 (DLF, IEF HYF)

Sire:  SHF Ribeye M326 R117
Dam: SSF P606 MS Victor 803

TH 122 711 Victor 719T (DLF, IEF HYF)

Sire:  DRF JWR Prince Victor 711
Dam: KBCR 19D Dominette 122 

NJW 73S W18 Homegrown 8Y ET (DLF, IEF HYF)

Sire:  SHF Wonder M326 W18 ET
Dam:  NJW P606 72N Daydream 73S

SHF Wonder M326 W18 ET (DLF, IEF HYF)

Sire:  KFC Bennett 3008 M326
Dam:  SHF Governess 236G L37 

GRH 50S Factor 10X (DLF, IEF HYF)

Sire:  WLB Global 72M 50S
Dam:  GRH 36N Princess 12U  

Leading Hereford Genetics


Boyd Worldwide 9050ET (DLF, IEF HYF)

Sire:  SHF Ribeye M326 R117
Dam:  MSU TCF Rachael 22S ET

GRH 10X Essence 36A
Factor 10X daughter - Second High Selling Female
at the 2013 Good As Gold Sale
Selling to Braden Calvert, Carberry, MB

Herd Sires.

NJW 8E 120J Embassy 81S ET (DLF, IEF HYF)

Sire:  Remitall Embracer 8E
Dam:  Saddle-Valley Lady Sport 120J  

GRH 10X Miss Betty 18A
High Selling Female at the 2013 CWA National Hereford Sale

GHR 36N Princess 12U
Dam of Factor

GRH W18 Capri 17A
Wonder Daughter
2013 Heifer Calf Champion 
2013 Manitoba Livestock Expo