GRH W18 Capri 17A
Wonder Daughter
2013 Heifer Calf Champion 
2013 Manitoba Livestock Expo

GRH 10X Essence 36A
Factor 10X daughter - Second High Selling Female
at the 2013 Good As Gold Sale
Selling to Braden Calvert, Carberry, MB

Herd Sires.

Boyd Masterpiece 0220 (DLF, IEF HYF)

Sire:  SHF Ribeye M326 R117
Dam: SSF P606 MS Victor 803

TH 122 711 Victor 719T (DLF, IEF HYF)

Sire:  DRF JWR Prince Victor 711
Dam: KBCR 19D Dominette 122 

NJW 8E 120J Embassy 81S ET (DLF, IEF HYF)

Sire:  Remitall Embracer 8E
Dam:  Saddle-Valley Lady Sport 120J  

NJW 73S W18 Homegrown 8Y ET (DLF, IEF HYF)

Sire:  SHF Wonder M326 W18 ET
Dam:  NJW P606 72N Daydream 73S

SHF Wonder M326 W18 ET (DLF, IEF HYF)

Sire:  KFC Bennett 3008 M326
Dam:  SHF Governess 236G L37 

GRH 50S Factor 10X (DLF, IEF HYF)

Sire:  WLB Global 72M 50S
Dam:  GRH 36N Princess 12U  

GRH 10X Miss Betty 18A
High Selling Female at the 2013 CWA National Hereford Sale

Commercial Factor Heifer Calf - What a beauty!


GHR 36N Princess 12U
Dam of Factor

Boyd Worldwide 9050ET (DLF, IEF HYF)

Sire:  SHF Ribeye M326 R117
Dam:  MSU TCF Rachael 22S ET

Leading Hereford Genetics

GRH 10X Lucy 24Z
Factor 10X daughter in production!